Leangen Sentrum

Falkenborgvegen is set to become a new local center in Trondheim

How do you make living appealing and more vibrant in a city? This was the challenge LINK Arkitektur had to face and solve in Trondheim, Norway.

Their answer was a pretty awesome development that aims to create a new local center and a hub on the Eastern side of the city with a new 17-story hotel, a new school building, an urban park, and cozy homes.

The site is the main entrance to the city from the East and is near to the new railway station, there will be a place where only buses will be allowed to drive in to provide clean air and a calm environment for those who will live there or stay for a while in a spacious hotel room.

LINK Arkitektur expounds its vision for the city’s future—transforming the former industrial area into a lively urban district; their success is rooted in the collaboration between the city, its residents and businesses around the site.

Located on the South shore of Trondheim Fjord at the mouth of the River Nidelva, they set out their urban-planning priorities: nature, families, jobs, public spaces and a variety of housing options, providing a modern day-space for both residential living and commercial use.

It was a super-quick project and also a great chance to see how far we can go and test some different atmospheres and ideas from an artistic point of view. As drone photos are pretty much locked when it comes to light conditions, some of the images are more realistic than others. As usual, we had the opportunity to experiment a bit more with the eye-level cameras.

At ZOA, we were lucky enough to work with LINK to make the Leangen Sentrum look amazing. This launch marks an important milestone in our journey and we are looking forward to continuing to support them at their work.  


Trondheim, Norway



Róbert Andrékó
Mohammed Elnabarawy
Botond Sass
Krisztina Sárdi



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