Norlane Medical Centre

Introducing a New State-of-the-Art Medical Centre Hub Located in Australia

Our latest visualization project in Australia gave us a remarkable opportunity to partner with a team of passionate designers at DS Architects. We were very excited to collaborate with them for the first time, and work on their extraordinary design, a two-level medical facility near Melbourne.

The project consisted of the art direction and the delivery of five renderings, including one aerial image (using a real drone footage) showcasing the residential surrounds, the reused timber facade, mainly manufactured in Australia, and all the solar panels on the angled roof.

Although the three buildings offer various entries and different functions (for example a dental facility, a medical clinic and a childcare centre), it was very important to have a consistent and distinguished architectural scheme and feature a dynamic internal arrangement at the same time that responds to the local community’s needs for quality health services.

Collaborations are always quite hard at the first time as both teams try to find balance in working together effectively. This time, cooperating with an old friend, David Cardamone, and getting to know DS Architects was a smooth process and we’re very happy with the result.

Finishing our fourth project could mean the beginning of another long-term friendship with ZOA in the land Down Under.

It was great to work on an Australian project again, especially in the calm and lovely suburbs near Melbourne, Victoria.

Thank you to DS Architects for choosing our rendering firm for highlighting your unique ideas and big congrats to the design.


Norlane, Australia



Róbert Andrékó
Matteo Piccini
Krisztina Sárdi


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