De Kwint

Kolmont x ZOA Unveils Fossil-Free Residential Complex ‘De Kwint’

For the second time in ZOA Studio’s history, we had a chance to create visualizations for the Belgian real estate firm Kolomont in collaboration with B2Ai, Binst Architects, De Gouden Liniaal Architecten and Vanhout Projects.

Our client was asked to design a 9,000-square-meter residential complex located in front of the ‘Sint-Quintinuskerk’ Church, one of the most beautiful classicist churches in the country, right in the center of Zonhoven.

As the world became more aware of the importance of protecting the environment, a new tendency started to arise in architecture accordingly: prioritizing renewable and clean energy sources over the obsolete ones and building—literally—a new world whilst keeping humanity’s common concern in mind (that is: protecting our planet) has become the new eco-friendly standard.

City by city, architects and real estate developers are slowly ending the absolute dominance of fossil fuels.

This time, to honor De Kwint’s modern design, besides the one interior, three exterior images were also created. Enhanced with our matte painting skills, the eye-level renderings reveal each building’s unique ‘identity’ with a lot of signs of life in the foreground. Each image has multi-purpose: they serve as tools of telling the story and introduce the new development to the local citizens.

The champagne-colored windows give a special effect to the brick buildings, each of the 68 attractive residential units—from stylish studios to penthouses—have a number of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly features, for example, the heating system with no fossil fuels involved.

Kolmont had a quest to boost foot traffic and public transportation in the city. In order to keep up to a green future, public transit links have to undergo some kind of alterations, getting out of the car and choosing alternative ways for transportations has to be worthy, fashionable and ‘hot’ in the eye of the public.

Luckily, these kinds of projects are already quite common in busy cities in Europe, where subway exits and rail platforms often run into greeneries, which then are linked to modern residential complexes or public parks. De Kwint is a perfect example of this—who would choose driving when you can easily hop on a bike and have a coffee break under the shadows of the trees on the streets!?

Sales and construction will start in the summer of 2022.


Zonhoven, Belgium



9,000 sqm


Botond Sass
Timofey Tikhonov
Dzmitry Zhamoida


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