The Heffron Centre

First Look Revealed Into The Heffron Centre Sporting Complex In Sydney

Randwick City Council is building a new community sporting facility in Maroubra’s Heffron Park known as The Heffron Centre. The new home for the mighty Rabbitohs’, the NRL’s oldest club, forms part of the Council’s $58M development in Sydney, Australia.

The existing indoor sports centre and gymnastics buildings on the site date from the 1940s and will be demolished as part of the project to hand over its place to the new Heffron Centre, designed by award-winning architect firm CO-OP Studio.

South Sydney Rabbitohs CEO Blake Solly said, “The Centre will allow us to double the size and reach of our community programs which have already helped achieve over 400 Aboriginal employment placements, helped young people achieve their HSC and helped over 7,600 students with health and well-being messages.”

Randwick Mayor Danny Said stated the release of our detailed architectural renderings is a significant milestone for the development.

We’re very proud of the fact that the visualizations look exactly as CO-OP Studio planned.

After years of overseas collaboration, we were ready for our biggest Australian project alongside CO-OP. More than five of our friends, colleagues gathered in the first meeting to start thinking about all the renderings and the animation needed to represent Rabbitohs’ new Maroubra home for the local citizens in Sydney. 

With the design in good hands, we dedicated most of our time to listening to stories and studying the functions to prepare for our first creative proposals and sketches. We enjoyed our job and the people we worked with, and as time went on, we got to go into details. We were driven by one individual task: to introduce the Heffron Centre beautifully, focusing on its numerous functions and unique location in this peaceful, green environment.

When the time has come to assemble our animation team in February, we decided to favor new partners and new crafts over our rock-solid workflow. The circumstances, starting this very special Australian project, demanded it.

Gabriel Furber has composed original music for the Heffron animation, while using Artificial Intelligence (AI) we generated 3D high-resolution reconstructions of Rabbitohs players from 2D photos to display them accurately. Both things were new in our office. ZOA’s culture fosters artists and creators to come together and create unique experiences for a wide audience. This has put our business in a fortunate position, particularly over the last years.

It’s been over two years since CO-OP Studio and ZOA joined forces to create remarkable visuals. All we can say is how much we admire the Australian Architecture Team for their openness, innovative spirit and insanely talented creative souls.

Being invited to work together on South Sydney Rabbitohs’ “Heffron Centre” came as a very humbling honor.

Can’t wait to see the building emerge from the ground and hear the Rabbitohs’ fans cheering!


Sydney, Australia



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