Talentis Branding Movie

Talentis Project is probably the biggest regional development project today in Hungary. Similarly to the story of Silicon Valley, the whole project is based on investment into every level of educational institutions. Real estate development connect to this kind of development of the region. This promotional video had to express this very complex subject.

First we had to grab the most important thoughts about the Talentis Project with eye on the limited length of the clip. Than we sought for the right visual content to express the sentences we came up with. Few hours of raw material was converted into a solid video with the help of the Rubik’s Cube effects which was meant to be a metaphor for invention and knowledge. However simple it might seem to be, it was just the opposite, we struggled to link visual content to what we wanted to say and harmonize both with the rolling cube and each other.

Project page and Client: Talentis

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