Five-star family hotel in Austria


3D Architectural Visualization for Snøhetta

Snøhetta has won the design competition with this five-star family hotel in Montafon.

Soon Parents will find the perfect place here that combines a luxury approach—such as the lobby, bar, restaurant and spa—with real programs dedicated to the Little Guests.

This architecture visualization project aims to convey this message to the target audience.

We joined forces with Snøhetta to show you how this amazing design would look like in the Austrian federal state of Vorarlberg by creating beautiful 3d renderings with an array of matte painting techniques to ensure the authenticity of the landscape and portray the building as the integral parts of the terrain.

It is more important than ever for architects to be able to provide clients with a clear idea of what is to be built.

Luckily for us, Snøhetta is a collaborative company that places experience at the center of their design process.


Montafon, Austria



Bence Falussy
Botond Sass


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