Architectural Renderings for the Australian design studio CO-OP

Bentleigh Library

Architectural Renderings for the Australian design studio CO-OP

From time to time, CO-OP Studio keeps on impressing us with their functional and avante-garde ideas. So when last September they asked us to help them bring their new architectural project to life, we were thrilled to meet this exciting challenge.

Besides their cultural role, libraries also have a very determining community-forming strength. No wonder why Bentleigh Library (which is only a 13 kilometers drive from Melbourne’s city center) has been a popular spot among open-minded young locals for years.

Consequently, from this year for about 18 months, the library will be closed to transform into a new community hub that integrates youth services, offers quiet corners and new multipurpose spaces.

The new building will be the perfect combination of Australian craftsmanship and carefully executed design. ZOA’s task was to enhance the warm and inviting attributes of the space by using as much natural light as possible in the renderings, which also emphasize the unique façade of the building.

Luckily, through the years, ZOA has mastered working remotely with Australian architects, so the fact that Budapest is 10 hours behind Melbourne was not a deterrent issue.

In fact, it was very effective, since we managed to send all milestone images at close of business hours, and after a whole day of evaluation in Australia, the feedback comments were in our mailbox the next morning. Meetings were held at 8 AM Budapest time which is 6 PM Melbourne, but an extra shot of morning coffee here and a postponed evening beer on the other side of the globe compiled to an easy-to-live-with daily schedule.

Working on top-class projects with CO-OP—who appreciate our commitment to quality and reliability—is always a pleasure professionally and is good fun which are the two cornerstones of great relationships.


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