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Attila 99 Loft

Introducing a New High-End Development Alongside BIF

We travel to Budapest in search of a residential block that provides something special for elite buyers. Others may go to a hotel here, but this time you can take a look inside a new high-end development in the capital of Hungary. Even when life gets boring in Buda, the luxury residential Attila 99 Loft will shake things up.

We worked closely with BIF to create this compelling movie in two months to impress and wow pleasure-seeking buyers and real estate investors with a new property in Hungary.

Luxury residential apartments now offer everything hotels do and sometimes more. 5-star services, Japanese interior and in-room bathtubs are things that you wouldn’t typically get in a residential building. In a little while, the new Attila 99 Loft luxury residence will open in Budapest where you can enjoy 24-hour services, automatic parking, several historical spots and the view of the Buda Castle. However, it’s more like a home than a hotel: with 16 residences in a Sporaarchitects-designed building, both owners and guests have access to all these amenities.

Even though we did not have a chance to buy apartments here, we believe that we should be really proud of our imagery that absolutely reflects the out-of-control lifestyle and hopefully evoke feelings throughout its simple story.

Film-maker team gave a first-class performance, but beautiful rendered, exceptional exterior and interior still images were also created as part of the project to represent the lifestyle.

When we say ‘amaze people’ it sounds mundane, but it’s a deep thing for us. We have a decade-long track record and flexible yet disciplined process crafting architectural animations that sell and set projects or investments apart from the competition.

ZOA’s tried and true system delivered world-class architectural visuals to win over Hungarian millionaires in digital. Our work was not about making another dull walkthrough animation. So we understood BIF’s marketing team first and purposely created an animation that didn’t look and feel the same.

Time to open a bottle of Champagne, because visualizing architecture has never been this intense and vibrant in our studio.


Budapest, Hungary




Péter Kollár
Dima Zhamoida
Róbert Andrékó


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