Arabianrannan Arte

New Residential Block in Helsinki Adding Twist to the Arty District

Arabianrannan Arte, our latest Finnish project, is slowly rising and inviting guests to move into Arabianranta by promoting remarkable cozy homes right in the middle of the modern and arty district in Helsinki. 

The area most usually linked with the old Arabia porcelain factory, founded by Swedish ceramics company Rörstrand, formerly situated here. Its tall standing red chimney and huge ARABIA letters are still the unofficial symbols of the place, but shortly the new Finnish development, Arabianrannan Arte will have a significant influence on the neighborhood by shaping the district’s identity and making it a more innovative place to live.

We’ve worked restlessly hand in hand with our Finnish client to show you our vision of Helsinki’s bright and bohemian future. They trusted us to define the creative concept of the animation and gave freedom to our creative team to present the development in their unique way. 

Typography, 3D graphics, and hand-drawn illustrations. All can be found in our amazing spot for Arte. The movie emphasizes the connection between the site right next to the historical Annala Park and the Gulf of Finland. By playing with the amazing abstract illustrations, the key selling points could easily be highlighted, what is more, they represent the young at heart, art-lover community of Arabianranta.

Inspired by the arty district, the animation creates an air of sophistication with slowly moving cameras and continuous shots, while the carefully selected, custom-crafted illustration package reflects Helsinki’s artistic spirit, and results in a well-designed, colorful motion picture to introduce this new architectural vision to the city and its residents.


Helsinki, Finland


Botond Sass
Balázs Balogh


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