New ‘Production Reel’ Shows Literally Everything

With this short film our aim was to showcase all that ZOA is capable of and impress everyone around us.

Thanks to Peter and Zsuzsi and their ambitious work over the summer, after numerous shiny demo reels we are finally able to show in 103 seconds how competent we are as a studio and what we can deliver for our beloved clients.

Let’s take a look at our finest works from the previous year.

By keeping up with the never stopping innovations and embracing new technologies, we are able to provide a wide range of visualization services for our clients from all around the world.

Setting up construction-based scenes with super low rendering times, tracking drone footage, inserting photo-real characters, visual effects, or data, capturing how the atmosphere of a building and its environment can change when using the method of time-lapsing is a lot more than just fooling around, it informs everyone—both experts and laymen—of how a newly designed area will be used, enjoyed and be in the life of generations coming.

Here, at ZOA, we believe in a world in which architectural visualizations help us all imagine the future of the built environment, therefore letting us make the necessary decisions today that will guide us to build a functional and better world around us tomorrow.

This is why we can’t do anything but love what we do at ZOA.

Created by

Zsuzsanna Bak
Péter Kollár


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